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About us

Radiance is a group of independent energy and climate change specialists working to help governments, companies and NGOs accelerate the transition to a zero carbon world.

With the climate and energy sectors evolving at an accelerating pace, Radiance advisors can help provide the ideas and innovative approaches needed to tackle the complex technological, economic, financial, strategic, regulatory and delivery challenges facing our zero carbon future.

Our people

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Pete is a climate expert and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world on corporate climate strategy and delivery. Pete also has in-depth expertise in policy and government relations - having worked for the UK Government on energy and climate change at HMT, DECC and DFID on, among other things, the design of the Green Climate Fund, the UK Green Investment Bank and the redesign of the UK Feed In Tariff.

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Louise is an environmental planner with 18 years’ experience. She specialises in environmental policy and institutional governance evaluation, forward strategy and development.
Her work is increasingly focused on landuse based approaches to tackling the climate crisis and she is highly experienced in developing nature-based solutions to increase resilience and adapt to climate change.

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Simon Skillings has over 35 years’ experience in the UK energy market. Much of this time has been spent developing business strategy and influencing regulatory and policy frameworks, including five years spent as Director of Strategy and Energy Policy at E.ON UK. He is currently a senior associate with environmental think-tank E3G, and a teaching associate at Warwick Business School.

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Chloe is an international climate change policy and diplomacy expert, with a strong focus on coalition building and strategic programme development. She has substantial professional experience of working within Governments, business and industry groups and NGOs in the UK and internationally. 

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Sarah has worked on climate change communications and policy for a range of NGOs, foundations and climate start-ups, including Global Optimism and the Climate Crisis Foundation, and worked in Bangladesh on community-based climate change adaptation. Sarah came top in her year in the MSc Environmental Technology from Imperial College London, and graduated first class from University of Oxford.

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Shelby Best is an environmental and sustainability specialist. She has a multi-disciplinary background in communications, research, planning, and environmental policy and economics. To date her research has involved conservation development, ecosystem services, and the circular economy. An experienced project manager, Shelby also holds a BSc in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

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Rachel has over 15 years’ experience of working in international sustainable development and environmental protection. Rachel specialises in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating policy, strategy, research and practical projects in Europe, Africa and Asia across the water/sanitation, forestry, livelihoods and sustainable development, risk management, climate adaptation and conservation sectors with multiple partners and at multiple scales. 

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George is an expert in sustainable finance and energy efficiency policy with extensive experience running taskforces, building coalitions and advocacy in London and Brussels. Previous projects have focused on climate finance initiatives, financial crisis preparation, and financial models for energy efficiency investments. Before becoming a full time consultant he worked for DfID, Transport for London and E3G, a climate change politics think tank. George has an MSc in Sustainability Science and Policy from Maastricht University.

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As former Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, Andy worked with CEOs, business leaders, Government Minsters and senior stakeholders across the industry, building the organisation into one of the most respected, authoritative and progressive voices in the sector. He can offer services in a wide range of areas, including advisory, stakeholder relations, research, strategic communications, facilitation and external relations. 

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Catherine is an experienced communications professional with over 15 years' experience. She specialises in a wide range of subjects, from UK planning policy to international climate and biodiversity negotiations. Client work has included writing for Limejump, an energy-technology start-up, to increase customer understand of its services within the context of the broader energy market and clean energy transition, and creating content for engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald to raise industry awareness of low carbon construction techniques.

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Lluis is an Environmental Scientist, with over 17 years of experience in the areas of Climate Change, Energy, Waste, Environmental Education, Communication, and Engagement projects. As a consultant, he has carried out projects and services for businesses, local governments, regional public bodies, national governments, and multilateral institutions having undertaken over 100 projects in 25+ countries across the 5 continents.

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Petra is an environmental economist with over 10 years of experience as a researcher, policy-maker and consultant primarily focusing on climate policy, renewable energy and low-carbon innovation, including 8 years at the European Commission. Petra holds a BSc in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics, an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College and is currently working towards a PhD at Imperial College Business School.  

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Miguel Angel has over 15 years’ experience working in Europe and Latam as Manager and Coordinator in private companies as well as in Government and NGOs. He has an MSc in LCA, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint and an MSc in Energies for Sustainable Development. He currently works as Advisor for renowned NGOs as the Argentinian Network of Municipalities against Climate Change with CDM or VCS projects and a special focus on carbon footprint.

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Sarah specialises in strategy, engagement and leadership, supporting senior teams to define their organisation’s place in a low-carbon world. She's held senior sustainability positions at Unilever, Tesco and TUI, and is a former agency director in strategy, communications and culture change. She has helped some of the world’s best-known brands - including C&A, Danone, Interface, L’Oréal and Vodafone - to transform the way they work. 

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Harry has a passion for climate change finance, particularly with regards to natural capital and nature-based solutions. His fields of experience include climate finance, business strategy, financial risk management and clean tech innovation and investment. He has a background in wealth management, and more recently MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance from Imperial College Business School.

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Till Bruckner has over a decade of experience in research, advocacy, policy analysis, and journalism. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, including the UK, Afghanistan, Georgia, North Africa and the Caribbean. Past employers include Transparency International, the AllTrials campaign, and a commercial micro-finance consulting company. Till wrote his PhD on accountability in international aid.

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Bhimsupa is an independent consultant, researcher and editor specializing in environmental policy and corporate sustainability. She has prior experience supporting private sector clients on sustainability strategy development and reporting, and has also worked with a number of NGOs and international organizations on environment and development research in Asia.

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Ryan specialises in Bioeconomy policy, Sustainable Development and Environmental Resource Management. He is currently part of an interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Programme at Imperial College London investigating the Sustainability of Macroalgae Mariculture for the UK and beyond. Prior to this, he completed an MSc in Environmental Technology and has research experience of biotechnology applications in industry.

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Ahsan is a climate change professional based in London, UK with experience in climate and energy policy, environmental compliance, corporate sustainability strategy and emissions quantification and reporting including life-cycle assessments for low-carbon fuels. He has worked with clients across the public and private sectors on industrial energy efficiency, corporate GHG strategies, climate change training for corporate teams, and circular economy integration into corporate practices.

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Peta Wolpe has extensive experience in the urban energy and climate sector.

She has worked on a variety of projects in energy poverty and gender and multi- level governance and policy.

She has a strong track record of facilitation and training and working across the board from poor communities to high level stakeholders and politicians.

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Piers is an LCA consultant, charity trustee, and avid sustainability researcher. He specialises in the application of LCA and sLCA approaches to better understand the social, environmental, and economic impacts of dynamic system change due to the introduction of innovative biotechnologies, carbon offset projects, and enhanced energy from waste processes. Piers holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. 

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Aled is expert in energy systems and low carbon technology. He is skilled at extracting insight from complex data sets and has experience of leading energy modelling projects. He has worked as an insight and analytics consultant for the Energy Saving Trust and as a development analyst at Engie. Aled has an MSc in Advanced Energy and Environment Studies

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